Letter from the Administrator

Letter from the Administrator: We have an artist in our kitchen who some of you don’t know about. Her name is Connie Luckey, a wonderful cook that is creative in pureed food. Connie can take a T- bone steak, puree it and mold it to look like a T-bone steak. Her vegetables can resemble a flower. She says the Lord gives her a vision. She enjoys her job and has a passion for pureed food creation. It is comforting to know that, as we all get older and may need special food, we can look forward to having this food lovingly prepared by someone who cares as much as Connie. It’s such a blessing to have Connie here at Heritage Trails with the Dream Team, the residents adore her and have already been putting in special request for meals! Feel free to go to the kitchen and meet Connie and take a look at her wonderful creations.

God Bless Sharon King, Administrator

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