Letter from the Administrator

Can I just use this time to talk with all the beautiful families from my heart, thirty five plus years being in the nursing home world, I have never been thru anything like this; most of us haven’t — only the ones that have served our country. God bless each of you. I can’t imagine being in a place putting my life on the line for all of us, not knowing what’s next. So again, from my heart thank you.

Let me tell you about the great people taking care of your loved ones. They leave their families not knowing what’s next; is COVID-19 going to attack someone/will I take it home to my family, but they show up anyway. I see them loving on the resident’s and it has brought me to tears, the true love they fill for them, it’s real.

I have done everything in my power to keep my staff and resident’s safe. I wake up in the night thinking what I can do. We have a set of plans in place if this should happen; we have rooms set up for quarantined resident’s to assure the virus does not spread. I have had nurses say, “I will work that section if it should happen.” We have put all new admits in isolation for a period of time to make sure they are not carrying the virus. The staff has divided up all your phone numbers to call and inform you of any changes. If you need to talk, please call me any time. My cell phone number is 817-475-3561.

I have purchased an iPad so you can FaceTime, or come to the facility window and speak with your loved one; anything other than coming into the facility. The building has been on lock down to everyone except doctors, and many of them have chosen to do virtual visits.

It is not dull inside we are still doing life. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and let me say that we hit a homerun! I will make sure your loved one has what they need since we cannot allow you to bring anything into the building.

We get a change from the state every day. They have been good at informing us with any changes they make, and we adapt to that promptly. So please know they we feel your pain about not being able to come in to the building at this time. I’m blessed to be locked in and not out. Please stay safe, wash your hands, keep a 6 foot distance and drink plenty of hot liquids to keep your throat clear. Remember to always wear a mask every time you go out, and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! If you need a mask call me and I will get you one.

Keep in mind, no weapon formed against us shall prosper and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

From my heart to yours, Sharon King

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